When browsing for kitchen design inspiration in magazines or on Pinterest, it’s not often obvious how someone came to achieve their finished kitchen design. Where did they even start? We are not usually exposed to the inspiration behind a design, however, the design brief is perhaps the most important aspect of a design journey. The design brief will summarise every aspect that must be incorporated within the design from how you are going to use the space to how you want the final design to look and feel. A strong theme or inspiration for the design can be the extra ingredient that adds a more intriguing and interesting feel to a kitchen’s design. It helps to open the mind to explore new and exciting design possibilities and it is often what distinguishes one kitchen from another.

In this article, we go behind the scenes to share the design briefs and inspiration behind some truly personal kitchen designs. We hope these inspire you to discover the unique design possibilities of your own kitchen project.

Kitchen Design Inspiration: Art

Concrete kitchen flooring

The owners of this home are collectors and admirers of art and this interest forms a key element of the brief for this kitchen design. Art galleries are known for their minimalist interiors, plain white walls and negative space, these design cues play a role in creating the design style for this project. The brief for the kitchen was to maintain the minimalist aesthetic of an art gallery, whilst achieving the impact and presence of a piece of art. The kitchen maintains a contemporary, minimalist style through clean lines and unfussy materials while the cantilevered table creates a sense of wonder as it appears to be suspended in mid-air.


Kitchen Design Inspiration: A New York Loft

Custom made kitchen design

The brief for this kitchen design was to combine the appearance and craftsmanship of a traditional English kitchen with the styling of a New York loft. English kitchens are known for their craftsmanship and handmade qualities such as in-frame doors with exposed butt hinges, whereas a New York loft-style is associated with exposed brick, metal accents and industrial fittings. The two influences come together harmoniously in this kitchen design to create a personal design.


Kitchen Design Inspiration: Nature & Professional Kitchens

Bespoke Modern Wood Kitchen with Chunky Worktops

This kitchen brief centred around natural materials, urban design and the functionality of a chef’s kitchen. No material embodies nature more than wood and it is the central feature in this kitchen design with the red gum veneer wrapping the entire island. The linear form and chunky worktops identify the design as urban while the Gaggenau appliances give full cooking control to the chef.


Kitchen Design Inspiration: A Road Trip in America

Kitchen island dining table design

This kitchen design was created from a brief that focused on the client’s recent travels to America, in particular, their road trip to the Arches National Park in Utah. The Arches National Park is famous for its natural sandstone arches of orange and red rock which are scattered across the park along with other intriguing stone formations. The task for this brief was to combine the clients preference for contemporary style with design features which reflect, capture and mirror the natural landscape of the park. The form of the design makes use of layers and solid blocks whilst the satin brown cabinetry and textured breakfast table all aim to transform the client back to that cherished moment.


As you can see, kitchen design inspiration can come from anywhere and there really are no limits to what can form a design brief. The design brief is what makes each project so different and most importantly, makes the design more personal and tailored to the people it was made for.

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