We are thrilled to be finalists in the 2019 SBID International Design Excellence Awards and the Design et al International Design & Architecture Awards. The nominated project is a completely custom kitchen created for a newly built palatial home in England. Read on to learn about this unique project.

What was the design brief for this project?

The client had owned the plot of land for a number of years and had spent this time dreaming about their dream home that would one day sit on the land. They wished for their home to be entirely custom and unlike any other property in the country. The client appointed Larino Design as the Interior Designers at an early stage and worked with the client to determine the design of the house itself, as well as the interior detailing. Larino Design introduced Extreme Design to the project to carry out the design and installation of the kitchen. The synergy between the two companies was vital for the success of the project as all professionals involved had to embrace the client’s ambitious design vision for the build and uncompromising standards for quality of materials and quality of execution.

Award Winning Kitchen Designers SBID Award 2019

The design brief from the client was to let imaginations run wild while embracing luxury and opulence. A Chanel boutique or opulent palace were among the references given; however, this would be an entirely original design which would represent the client’s own individual style and taste. The client not only wished for a home but for a showcase of what is possible in design by creating a property that has never been seen before.

Luxury Kitchen London - Award Winning Kitchen Designers

The kitchen design is all about detail. From custom metalwork and hand-selected marbles to detailed mirror work and individually sourced leather, the design combines extravagance with precision and each detail is thoughtfully considered and designed to suit the client’s unique design story.

What was Extreme’s favourite aspect of the project?

Our favourite aspect of the project was our fantastic client that wished to truly push the boundaries of design and craftsmanship. There was no watering down of the design concept or opting for a more cost-effective route. The project was also a testament to the collaboration between Larino Design and Extreme Design, with each company bringing its own expertise in super-prime residential projects and its own design perspective. This project was a designer’s dream.

Luxury Kitchen London - SBID Awards Finalists 2019

Why does the design work so well?

Whilst the aesthetic of the kitchen was undoubtedly the driving force behind the design, the clients have a family so the design had to work on a practical level. As with all kitchens, this would be the room that they would spend the most time in and it needed to suit everyday family life while creating the luxury environment that they desired. While the visual impact of the room is unbelievable and exudes that of a boutique, luxury environment, everything is positioned as a working kitchen.

How does the design integrate into the wider environment?

This kitchen was never approached as just a kitchen, instead, Larino Design and Extreme Design took a holistic view of the entire environment including the architecture of the room and joinery details. This resulted in a room that works in harmony on every level of the design down to the smallest of details, from Larino Design’s curved cabinetry as you enter the room, to the kitchen and bespoke console table by Extreme Design.

SBID Kitchen Design Awards 2019 Extreme Design

Every shape, tone and detail in the kitchen and the wider environment is completely custom and stems from Larino Design’s vision for the whole property. Curved islands, ostrich leather kitchen doors, book-matched marble, shaped ceiling details, marble floor inlays and bespoke chandeliers, all were created to work in harmony with one another and to accentuate the movement and shape of the room.

Which specialist or artisan skills were involved in the making of this project?

For this project, it may be easier to think of artisan skills that weren’t involved. Part of the synergy between Larino Design and Extreme Design is their belief in a true artisan approach to design which always begins with hand-drawn conceptual ideas.

Looking at the execution of the furniture, many specialist skills were involved. The kitchen doors consist of an ostrich leather padded panel, framed with an individually sourced veneer which was hand-stitched. Each door is finished with chrome beading and edging. The two curved islands feature a granite waterfall edge flowing seamlessly into an individual piece of marble. Every craftsman was pushed to their limits and many trips were made overseas to source the most individual pieces of marble. Close collaboration with all of our artisans was imperative to ensure the highest quality execution was achieved at every stage of the journey.

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