Everyone deserves an incredible home that complements their lifestyle and reflects their individual tastes. However, a challenge for anyone renovating or building a home is translating their personality, lifestyle and style preferences into a visual language. The best interior projects are delicately researched, planned and curated which takes a considerable amount of time and an experienced eye for design.

Many of our clients carry out extensive projects involving building their dream home or a major extension and renovation. These types of projects involve many decisions, such as the layout of each room, the flooring, the style of skirting boards, the door handles – the list goes on. So, for many of our clients, an interior designer can be an invaluable support and guide to navigate all of these decisions.

You may have a strong idea of what you like but simply don’t have the time, or you may be unsure where to even begin. Whatever your reason for considering hiring an interior designer, we highlight some of the benefits and share a list of trusted interior designers that we have worked with at Extreme.

Added Value

From securing special industry rates to helping you avoid costly mistakes; hiring an interior designer can keep you maximise your budget. Your interior designer can secure the right value for the interior furnishings and finishes in your design, ensuring that your investment goes further, and you get the finishes your home deserves.


Your interior designer can provide you with an honest, professional assessment of your style goal, budget and your property. As trained professionals, they come fully equipped with the design language and technical skills to help you translate your style into a tangible space. From mood boards and sketches to CAD drawings and virtual walkthroughs, your designer can help you visualise your design story. An interior designer can plan a scheme that is sympathetic to the architectural qualities of your home whilst creating an environment that complements the way you use the space and your style preferences.


Any trusted interior designer will have a thorough understanding of the interior design process, meaning that they know what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, and what can go wrong. By anticipating any potential issues, snags or delays they can protect your project timeline and your project budget.

Resources and Contacts

As established members of the design world, interior designers know where to go for resources, saving you time when it comes to researching products, suppliers, brands and tradesmen. Your interior designer’s connections and relationships can help you to secure more competitive prices and provide you access to exclusive items that are not always available to the general public. As professionals in the industry, your designer can put you in contact with the trusted tradesmen and artisans removing the burden of exhausting research.


Equipped with the technical design engineering language your designer can be the perfect liaison between your architect or contractor. Therefore, a designer can ensure your design vision is understood by all trades and touches every detail of your project. Simply put your interior design alongside your project manager can shoulder the burden of your project.


With a comprehensive knowledge of timeless and trending interior styles your designer can you help you maximise resell on your property, protecting your investment.


To give you a place to start, we have put together a list of trusted interior designers that we have been delighted to work with. Every interior designer here has a reputation for delivering exceptional projects, so we’ve listed them alphabetically. Visit their websites to find out more information about their services and browse their portfolios for inspiration.

Alexander James Interiors


Hill House Interiors


Interiors by Sarah Ward


Larino Design


Pippa Paton Interiors


Roselind Wilson Design


Sophie Paterson Interiors


sophie paterson interior designer

If you would like any further information or advice, please contact your nearest Extreme studio here.