Luxury bedroom design

Here at Extreme, we are known primarily for our work on luxury, bespoke kitchens. Despite this, our designers love working on all areas of the home and always jump at the opportunity to work elsewhere. No matter where in the interior our design work takes us, we strive to provide our clients with an entirely bespoke service, crafting a project focussed entirely around them.

The bedroom is perhaps the most intimately personal room in the home and should provide an ideal, relaxed space in which one may wind down after a long day. The design of the room can have a major impact on your mind and wellbeing, so it is important that the bedroom reflects every aspect of who you are. In this article, the Extreme design team will introduce the most essential aspects of bedroom design that you should be aware of before starting your project.

Use your space wisely

Your primary concern when designing your bedroom should be the space. A bedroom should be a place of comfort and relaxation, so avoiding clutter and using the space wisely is extremely important. Think about what exactly you’d like to incorporate into your bedroom, there will likely be a wall against which you position your bed, but think about the wardrobe, drawers, cabinets and any other additional furniture that may find its way into the room too. Decide on the necessities, as you will then be able to design your room around those things that you simply could not live without.

Luxury dressing table

The bedroom can be a home’s most personal room and, while our team always seeks to reflect a client’s story in our design, there is scope to unlock true, personal creativity in the bedroom. Creative storage solutions are an ideal way to ensure that your room is uncluttered, while also helping to exude a personal touch. Creative storage could take many forms, such as shelving created to a height that perfectly fits her Jimmy Choo’s, a pull-out hanging system for his suit trousers, a stunning hand-crafted dressing table, or accessory drawers designed with a dedicated space for each of your accessories.

If your bedroom is at the top floor of your home, it only makes sense to make use of the eaves as an incredibly creative – and infinitely useful – storage space. Using your eaves gives you an impressively sized, yet understated storage area that is always easily accessible. As this is effectively built-in storage space, it also frees up the bedroom for additional freestanding decor.

Consider the aesthetics

There is no better place to relax, rest and recuperate than the bedroom. As such, everything in the room should exude comfort. It should go without saying that luxurious comfortable bedding is a must, but there’s more to comfort than the physical.

Luxury designer bedroom

Firstly, consider the colour palette of the room. The impact of deep, calming colours on your mood is unmistakable. Avoid shocking bright colours in exchange for deep blues and greens or soft pastels to imbue the bedroom with an unshakeable sense of calm. It’s also important to emphasise lighting. It is always better to wake up to a soft natural glow rather than the harshness of artificial lights. In tandem with this, it’s worth considering the view that you’ll have from the bedroom too. A rear-facing bedroom overlooking a beautiful garden would be far more pleasurable than a view of a busy street. Remember, when it comes to the bedroom, comfort is king.

Comfort will also come from the more intricate features that can be accentuated to great effect in your bedroom. A fabric finish to your wardrobes creates a softer aesthetic to wood or lacquer, while bespoke banquette seating in your dressing room offers a comfortable place to adorn your heels whilst also offering hidden storage too.

Beyond the bedroom

luxury dressing room

While the bedroom is often the place where you choose to keep your wardrobe and dressing table, it doesn’t have to be. If space allows, a well organised separate dressing room – perhaps even his and hers dressing rooms – can make getting ready an effortless and enjoyable experience. However, it’s important that you still make use of the space by ensuring that your layout and storage are designed to suit your specific needs and embrace natural light with windows or skylights where possible to avoid the space feeling dark or gloomy.

Rather than opting for an entirely separate dressing room, you could instead consider a walk-in wardrobe. Not only will a walk-in free up space in the bedroom, but it will also give you a lavish area to store your clothes, allowing you to highlight your favourite pieces and store everything in an easily accessible portion of the home.

Is it time you treated yourself to a new bedroom? If you’re ready to rejuvenate your rest area, visit one of our Extreme Design studios today. Our team always look forward to collaborating with clients outside of the kitchen.