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Here at Extreme, we believe that one of the foundations of successful kitchen design lies in the ability to create truly unique kitchens. Most people do find themselves wanting unique kitchens, though many are still unsure of how exactly they should go about attaining that goal.

Unfortunately, even those who strive to construct a kitchen that is entirely unique and tailored around themselves often miss the mark. Sometimes, the pursuit of the unique can lead to conformity, as people fear that things will go wrong if they simply take the plunge and really look outside the box. In this article, Extreme’s designers look at the thought process you must go through to achieve a completely personal and distinctive kitchen.

Write your own story

Extreme’s key to building the truly unique kitchens we are renowned for is ensuring that each design plays a part in writing a client’s story. Every single person is unique and has a story to tell: it’s only right that each and every kitchen should reflect this story.

When our clients and designers collaborate we always stress the importance of being open and willing to emphasise what makes you an individual. Whatever your loves are in life – from travel, to art, to wine or motoring – if it’s an intrinsic part of who you are, it should be reflected in your home. In the first instance, try not to focus on trying to visualise the end result and how the room will look, instead take a step back and reflect on your loves, passions and the things that give you life and energy. Once these are captured, then move on to consider each element of the design such as atmosphere, functionality, style and texture, by moving through each of these elements you will organically build a direction and your design will naturally begin to form.

If a love for polo runs through your family, then perhaps a trophy display area or iron hanging rack could be the ideal unique addition to your kitchen’s story. For the travel lover, ensure that the designer you collaborate with takes your favourite destinations into account and creates a kitchen that is truly tailored to you – just as the Extreme team did with this US road trip-inspired kitchen.

Whatever it is that inspires you, if it forms an integral part of your story, any unique kitchens should help to represent it. Ultimately, when it comes to designing a kitchen that is personal to you, you shouldn’t necessarily set out to make it unique. Rather, you should design the room entirely around yourself and the personality of the room will almost certainly follow.

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Don’t be afraid

For the most cutting edge and beautiful designs to come to fruition, risks have to be taken from time to time. If you find yourself falling in love with unconventional designs and materials, use them. This is particularly relevant if your property will be your forever home, if your aim is not to move in a couple of years, you are only designing your home for you and your family, so why shouldn’t you have what you want?

For a kitchen that truly stands out from the masses, you need to be willing to break the mould; this often means opting for less common, or sometimes frankly unpopular, design choices.

While many would be worried by the idea of – for instance – using liquid metal or ostrich leather in their kitchen, it would certainly help to give your kitchen a genuinely unique look and feel.

Push boundaries. The most unique designs and designers are those that are unafraid to break down the barriers of conformity and take the risks others won’t. Collaborate with a designer who seeks to be a trendsetter, not just a follower.

Luxury bedroom design - leather

Never stop searching

To discover those designs that exemplify who you are and to push the boundaries of standard kitchen design you should never stop looking for the next magical addition to the kitchen. Kitchen catalogues are often fundamentally uninspiring. So find a way to break away.

Antique shops and reclamation yards are always an inspiring choice to visit for unique items that you are unlikely to find anywhere else. Beyond that, be sure to talk to designers, scour the internet and visit design shows to constantly find yourself discovering new and inspiring additions to your kitchen.

For effortless design inspiration, consider collaborating with an Extreme designer for your next project. Our team are experts in innovation and love discovering what it is that makes clients tick, while finding truly inspiring ways to incorporate that into clients’ homes.

If you’re interested in collaborating with the design team at Extreme, contact us today or visit one of our studios, we always aim to deliver unique kitchens for our clients.