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In Ancient Athens the philosopher Plato proposed a theory of Forms. In this theory everything and every concept has some idealised version, or Form, that should be aspired to in order to reach perfection. By this theory, there is a perfect knife, and all other knives have a similarity to this. In order to produce the best knife, you should try to emulate this perfect knife. This extended even to humans. ‘What is a human?’, asked Plato. The essential features of a human, for Plato at least, are that they walk on two legs and, unlike birds, do not have feathers. Thus all humans are covered by this definition – the featherless biped.

That was until another philosopher, Diogenes, heard this. Picking up a chicken and plucking it he cried ‘Look, I have found Plato’s man!’ Clearly, something had gone wrong. Aristotle, Plato’s pupil, proposed a different answer. Things were defined by their use, and what function they carried out. An axe was an axe not because it had a handle and a sharp bit, but because it effectively carried out the function of an axe, and could cut things in such a way. In order to fully comprehend what something’s ‘essential whatness’ was it was necessary to consider its function.

Form vs function

What, then, does all this have to do with kitchens? Well, the same philosophy can be applied to the way we approach kitchen design. Is something a kitchen because it has an oven, a table top, a place to put your knives, and somewhere to put vegetables in? Or is it a kitchen because you prepare food, cook and socialise in it?

At Extreme we firmly believe the latter. And once your notion of what a kitchen can be becomes uncoupled from every other kitchen you have seen before, we’re confident you will agree. We create kitchens that are not defined by some pre-existing notion of what we think a kitchen should contain, but instead begin with the premise of how you will be using the space.

If all you want from a kitchen is a place to prepare food then stop reading. But if you want your house to be an accurate reflection of who you are and the things, places, and people that are important to you then you need an Extreme kitchen. We can help you build more than just a place to chop vegetables and bake a cake, but an extension of your own personality. Each project is bespoke and individualised to your needs – this way it remains a continuous source of pleasure and inspiration.


The principle of co-authorship is central to the way that Extreme operates. When it comes to designing a room we understand that the shape and orientation of a space is much more than the things we deem necessary to cram into it. It makes us feel certain ways, it informs how we move within it, it can limit us – or it can liberate us. That’s why our creative process is a conversation between the speculative and abstract idea that made you want to break away from everyday design. All that’s left to add in is our technical and precise approach to expert craftsmanship. Each of our designers, led by our Creative Director Marcello Cuconato, is an expert in walking the line between form and function, and we appreciate that for you to be content in your own home you need to be as involved as possible.

Whether you want to bring the essence of Japan to your living space, or an Icelandic tranquillity, we can make your reverie a reality. The best way to create a truly distinctive and avant-garde design is for you to be as involved in the creative process as our team of professional designers, technical teams and installers. By working in partnership we make use of the most innovative materials, tactile surfaces, and sculpted furniture to suit your taste.

So, why should you craft an Extreme kitchen?
Do you wish to live like everyone else?
Do you wish for people to walk into your home and feel they have seen it before?
Are you a slave to lino, flat pack, and formica?

If you answered no to any of those questions then you understand that the question is not why should you craft an Extreme kitchen, but why should you live in an ordinary one?

What are you waiting for? Visit our studios and begin your Extreme journey today and collaborate with our designers to craft the luxury kitchen you’ve always desired.