In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different

– Coco Chanel

Extreme prides itself in nurturing the unique. Going beyond the usual luxury offering, each Extreme design is a custom commission for the client.  Beyond the bespoke, an Extreme design captures life experiences in tangible form, creating bespoke kitchens, bedrooms and studies that are a true reflection of you.

As curators of the unique, our creative team continually explores bespoke design, in all forms and disciplines. With Easter on the horizon, our thoughts naturally turned to the decadent, unique and intricately designed Fabergé eggs.

Peter Carl Fabergé created the legendary series of lavish and ingenious jewelled Easter eggs between 1885 and 1917; the most famous of which is the ‘Imperial’ collection designed for the wives and mothers of Russian Tsars Alexander III and Nicholas II.

The Fabergé Imperial collection is considered as the last great commissioned series of objets d’art.  With each design taking a year or more to make, they were bonafide labours of love, their themes changing with each egg and their designs becoming more and more elaborate each year.

These exquisite designs are the ultimate in bespoke luxury, each entirely unique, with the only fixed requirement being that they each contain a surprise. In our opinion, one of the most intricate and delicate of the collection is the Lilies of the Valley egg, created in 1898 for Tsar Nicholas II as a gift for Tsaritsa Empress Alexandra Fyodornovna. The inspiration for this extraordinary piece comes from Alexandra’s love of flowers, in particular the Lilies of the valley.

Lilies of the Valley egg is embellished with pearls which are said to have been Alexandra’s favourite jewels. The egg is topped with rose pink enamel on a guilloche backdrop and is supported by cabriolet legs of green-gold leaves with rose-cut diamond dewdrops.  The gold-stemmed lilies have green enamelled leaves and flowers made of gold set with rubies, pearls and diamonds.

Twisting a gold-mounted pearl button reveals three portraits from under the ruby-set Imperial crown; that of Tsar Nicholas II and his two oldest daughters Olga and Tatiana.  These intricate miniatures are framed in rose diamonds and backed with gold panels.

The Fabergé eggs epitomise opulent design expression and although they serve no functional purpose, each one is an undeniable tour de force. Whilst appreciated by designers, historians and art curators worldwide, the design of the Fabergé eggs appeals to few; instead the eggs represent niche design, crafted entirely for the enjoyment of the individual for whom they were made.

Faberge Imperial Collection