Extreme New Identity

A very warm welcome to Extreme’s new journal through which we look forward to bringing you the latest news in the World of Extreme. It’s been a hugely busy last few months as we’ve been preparing to uncover our new brand identity. Not only have we launched a new logo and re-imagined our studios in London, Buckinghamshire and Berkshire, but most excitingly we’re launching a new concept to the market place; creating ultimately personal living spaces that defy convention.

As many will be aware, personalisation is very much a key trend at the moment with luxury brands everywhere offering the option of tailoring their products to the customer. From a monogrammed Burberry poncho to a bespoke, made-to-order Bentley, the message is: it’s all about you.

But at Extreme Design, we are taking personalisation to a whole new level and capturing our clients’ most treasured memories and bringing them to life in their homes. We go beyond designing elements according to our client’s specifications to create, for example, a bespoke kitchen. We inspire clients to uncover cherished moments in their lives which can be reflected in the design of their unique living space. The inspiration is brought alive through all elements of design, from the colours and materials, to the form of the furniture.

Our Founding Partner, Adrian Wing, comments: “Extreme was founded in 2006 to offer our clients freedom of design, and acting as a creative outlet for self-expression is at the core of what we do. This is the exciting next step in unlocking the potential for expressive design and offers our clients something truly unique: an honest realisation of their vision so they may re-live and reconnect with cherished moments through the medium of design. We’re extremely excited to offer this unique approach to our clients.”

Our Creative Director, Marcello Cuconato, explains the creative process: “Initially our clients meet with one of Extreme’s Creative Designers. This meeting is all about listening. It’s important that we truly get to know our clients and understand what’s important to them. We also understand that our approach is different, so this also gives our client the opportunity to gain a full understanding of what we do; it’s important that they feel completely comfortable.”

“Once commissioned by a client, it’s during the creative sessions in our Inspiration Spaces that the creativity really begins. Our designers love exploring memorable times in our client’s lives and we’re humbled that our clients have shared so many wonderful stories with us. We like to think that it’s a fun, exciting and inspirational journey; our designers are great listeners and it’s this strength of relationship between client and designer that creates some truly unique designs.”

So it’s over to you… If you had your choice, what would the cherished moment be that you would choose to depict in your interior design? A bespoke bedroom that embodies times you lived abroad? A study design which encapsulates the highlight in your career?

For more information contact the creative team at one of our studios:
Buckinghamshire 01753 891630
Berkshire 01344 627567
London 020 8846 8000
Or complete your enquiry online and one of our designers will contact you.