Surface Design Show 2018 Acoustic Materials
The 2018 Surface Design Show took place 6-8th February at the Business Design Centre, where over 170 exhibitors presented innovative selections of interior and exterior surface materials.

Here’s what caught the attention of our designers this year.

Nature as inspiration could be seen in many of the materials exhibited at this year’s show. Our favourite? Interior textiles by Anne Kyyro Quinn Studio. Based on three-dimensional structures, they are beautiful in their simplicity whether created as pieces of art or acoustic wall panels.

Natural Kitchen Design

Forever a popular material, there was no escaping wood at this year’s show. However, it was Solomon & Wu’s new Foresso material that caught our eye. Created from reclaimed timber, this alternative take on Terrazzo material sees chips and wood waste combined with cement and resin to create a new material.

Reclaimed Timber For Natural Kitchen Design

It was good to see new veneers from Mundy and Alpi embracing bold pattern and colour.

Veneers For Colourful Kitchen Design

Geometric patterns took many forms at the show and could be seen in a variety of materials from veneers to tiles.

Geometric Patterns For Modern Kitchen Design

Gone are the days when concrete meant grey, cold or stark. The 3D concrete surfaces seen at this year’s show were colourful, textured and tactile and some almost resembled textiles! Among our favourites were finishes by Vicalvi, Petrus and Kaza Concrete.

Concrete For Modern Kitchen Design

We loved the versatility of the acrylics by Acrylic Couture. Created using anything from feathers to wire mesh, the material offers a myriad of possibilities and can be used for partitions, splashbacks or focal pieces.

Acrylic For Cutting Edge Kitchen Design

Many exhibitors showcased surfaces that featured a combination of materials and textures. Pintark‘s Valencia surface featuring 3D triangular panels in alternating textures of leather and metal was an elegant and luxurious example of this. We liked the finishing detail of subtle light breaking through the sections which adds another dimension to the piece.

Mixed Materials For Luxury Kitchen Design

Lastly, we had to mention the dyed marble by Silo Studio. Kitchens designers have a complex relationship with marble, on the one hand you can’t beat marble for its natural beauty, on the other it can be a designer’s worst nightmare when it comes to maintenance and longevity! Exploiting the vulnerabilities in the marble to create a new finish is a playful concept.

Dyed Marble For Luxury Kitchen Design

If you would like to find out more about innovative and unique materials to incorporate into your interior, contact our designers at your local studio.