Our long-standing partners Gaggenau not only share our passion and dedication to design and innovation but also our desire to keep setting the standards for ambitious private kitchens and culinary culture. In this article, we shine a spotlight on Gaggenau’s rich history spanning over 333 years. We introduce you to their staggering portfolio of appliances and shed light on why Gaggenau remains one of the world’s leading brands for professional-grade kitchen appliances.

Gaggenau’s History

Gaggenau was founded by Margrave Ludwig Wilhelm von Baden, who established an ironworks in the town of Gaggenau. Over the years, Gaggenau began manufacturing agricultural machinery and household appliances. By the 19th century, the company had become an enamelling specialist producing bicycles, stoves and advertising signs. Through their production of hardwearing advertising signs, they created a recipe for production that formed the basis for the creation of their coal and gas-fired stoves.

In 1956 Gaggenau entered a new era as the company was acquired by Georg von Blanquet. Georg’s passion for cooking and his innovative vision paved the way for the first eye-level oven, separate cooktop and ventilation appliances. Georg’s appetite for change and quality helped establish the brand as the world’s leading innovator of built-in domestic appliances.

Over the next decades, Gaggenau continued to set the benchmark for professional-grade domestic kitchen appliances. Gaggenau have been at the forefront of development for the built-in oven, glass-ceramic cooktop, Combi-steam oven, modular refrigeration and the full surface cooktop. As a result, no other appliance brand has had such a prolific influence on the professional domestic kitchen.

Fast forward to 2020 and Gaggenau appliances are some of the most sought-after products for high-end residential kitchen designs. Read on to discover the iconic design features of Gaggenau’s core appliances.


A Gaggenau oven represents the pinnacle of home cooking equipment satisfying the demands of even the most discerning private chef. Each chef looks to adjust every detail of the dish to personalise their recipes. As a result, they require precision cooking instruments that allow them to tweak every element of the cooking process. Handcrafted from the finest materials and pushing the envelope of home cooking technology, Gaggenau ovens deliver a 300ºC cooking capability and a multiple core temperature probe that can measure the temperature inside your dish to within one degree of accuracy. Whilst the automatic programmes and the Home Connect feature allows you to control and monitor all your controls remotely. Gaggenau’s range of ovens cater for all tastes, differing in design, scale and specifications. The Gaggenau series 200 and 400 ovens offer a multitude of stunning and intuitive spec and configuration options that allow designers the flexibility to fine-tune the cooking experience in your kitchen space. In addition, Gaggenau’s modular options allow designers to create a cooking space tailored to the user’s needs whilst enhancing the cooking experience.

The 200 & 400 Series Ovens

Due to a new built-in concept, the 200 series has the flexibility to be fitted flush with surrounding furniture making a quieter design statement. The 200 series can be integrated into wall cabinets alongside one another, the ovens can also be installed under the worktop or can be arranged with any other appliances from the 200 series to create the perfect collection. The 60cm-wide 200 series ovens are available with full glass fronts and feature doors that open up to an angle of 110 degrees for added accessibility. Available in the three colour variations Gaggenau Anthracite, Metallic or Silver, the series offers a wealth of combination options, which either blend discreetly into any interior or form an intentional contrast within their design surroundings. Gaggenau’s iconic solid stainless-steel control knobs and TFT display allow the user to control up to 13 heating methods, up to 300 ºC and the baking stone ability, for baking comparable to a brick oven.

The 400 series has a more sculptural, striking impact in the kitchen with the touch screen and protruding door sitting proud of the surface. In the 400 series, you can choose the larger 76cm wide full glass doors, either stainless steel-backed or a 60cm wide which is also available in Gaggenau Anthracite. As with all Gaggenau appliances, the 400 series retain the distinctive solid stainless-steel rotary controls providing tactile control over the ovens features and the intuitive TFT display. Both collections have Combi-steam ovens, microwaves, fully automatic espresso machines and warming drawers and allow for Home Connect allows you to control and monitor it remotely.

EB 333 Oven

Gaggenau EB333 Oven

The EB Oven represents the pinnacle of Gaggenau cooking appliances. Recently revised in celebration of their 333rd anniversary, the EB 333 remains true to their original EB oven created over 30 years ago. The EB oven is a testament to Gaggenau’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of integrated home appliances, symbolising their heritage and an avant-garde approach to appliance design. Distinctively iconic, the EB 333 represents the finest in professional appliances for the private home, a predominantly hand-built oven fashioned from the highest quality materials. The 20kg door panel is crafted from a single sheet of 3mm stainless steel and soft closes with ease, whilst the integration of the new TFT touch display makes any dish even more intuitive to prepare. The EB 333 marries heritage, craftsmanship, technology and knowledge to create an oven that inspires a new generation of private chefs.

Coffee Machines

Gaggenau 200 Series Coffee Machine

The 400 and 200 series of fully automatic espresso machines blend seamlessly into any Gaggenau appliance combination, whilst providing the users with the tools to effortlessly prepare coffee to a professional standard from the comfort of their home.

The 400 series fully automatic espresso machine offers functionality to create a varied selection of espresso and milk-based drinks, as well as classic coffee and teas wide array of coffees and hot milk drinks. Gaggenau coffee machines also have the ability to save up to eight personalised configurations to memory so making a favourite drink is as easy as pushing a button. Gaggenau coffee machines come equipped with an empty grinding function so the user can switch between different bean types without them mixing together. Whether preparing two beverages at a time or just one, making the perfect coffee becomes effortless. As to be expected, Gaggenau coffee machines offer a number of professional features that allow the user to fine-tune the drink-making process. Any budding home barista can personalise their individual beverages by choosing the grinding degree, coffee strength, water temperature, size and coffee-milk-ratio, then save the respective configuration to use at the touch of a button. Unlike some home coffee machines, the 400 and 200 series can brew two cups of the same beverage at the same time, so no one has to wait.

Gaggenau Cooktops

Gaggenau 200 Series Cooktop

Described as the “cook’s cooktop” Gaggenau’s extensive range of cooktops are designed to meet the needs of professional chefs. The 400 and 200 series follow Gaggenau’s principle that all appliances should be designed using exceptional materials, drawing on insights from professional chefs and assembled by skilled by craftspeople. Both the 400 and 200 series offer a modular ‘Vario’ option that allows the cooktop to be tailored to specific cooking requirements, styles and disciplines, creating a truly bespoke workstation. The difference between the two series is, essentially, scale, aesthetics and control.

The 400 series cooktops are available in “Vario”, full surface induction, flex induction and gas. The 400 series is designed for the spacious kitchen, striking in form and scale and delivering incredible performance, the 400 series cooktops range from 38 cm up to one metre to suit your cooking needs. The controls are crafted from solid stainless steel and the illuminated control knobs can also be mounted on the vertical surface for an alternative design aesthetic.

Modern Kitchen Appliance

The 200 series is available in flex induction, “Vario”, ceramic and gas from 28cm to 90cm wide. The 200 series controls are mounted on the surface of the appliances. The 200 series includes removable twist pads or black illuminated controls for the Vario, personalised modular options.


Gaggenau Refrigerator

Gaggenau’s extensive cooling portfolio is a stunning addition to any kitchen, utility or private bar area. The flexible cooling range can sense and react to the most delicate and demanding of foods in an intelligent way. The impressive refrigerators, freezers and fridge-freezer combinations offer multiple, separate climate zones and exceptional performance, thanks to the quality and precision of their cooling technology. Gaggenau offers a refrigerator solution for every occasion.

Vario 400 Series: a fully integrated, built-in modular collection of refrigerators, freezers, fridge-freezers and wine climate cabinets. Their modular design means that each cooling options can be partnered in a multitude of ways.

The Vario 200 Series fits neatly within standard integrated spaces, this range provides up to four climate zones, Gastronorm insert shelving and fresh cooling drawers close to 0 degrees. The Vario 200 series has fully extendable shelves and smooth-running drawers making the clever space easy to access.

The 200 Series range consists of refrigerators, freezers and fridge freezers some of which are fully integrated, free-standing or can be placed under the counter. Available with varying features such as distinct climate zones, fresh cooling drawers, 4-star freezers compartments and adjustable shelving.

Wine Climate Cabinets

Gaggenau Wine Cabinet 400 Series

Gaggenau wine climate cabinets create the perfect environment for your wine collection to be stored, preserved and showcased.

Vario wine climate cabinets 400 series

The Vario 400 series of wine climate cabinets can be purchased in both pull-to-open or handleless push-to-open options, creating the opportunity for handleless appliances that cleverly open with a soft push.

The wine cabinets can be finished with glass doors framed in traditional stainless steel or the kitchen’s furniture material to give the appliances a very discreet appearance. The interior of the cabinets is a combination of stainless steel paired with fully extendable, oak and anthracite aluminium bottle trays. These trays not only keep the contents of the cabinet safe, but they also serve as the perfect place to showcase your wine collection. The 400 series has up to three independent climate zones that are all controlled via the TFT touch display, while humidity is maintained at a specified setting. Aromas and vibrations, which could harm your wine, are minimised by a low vibration motor and activated charcoal air filter. The wine cabinets offer a choice of five pre-set lighting scenarios using warm white, glare-free LEDs further help to present your impressive collection in a flattering light, whilst the special glass door shields the wine from any possible UV damage.

Wine climate cabinets 200 series

The wine climate cabinets are the perfect environment to store and present a wine collection with the dimmable presentation light. Exceptional engineering has gone into making the compartment virtually vibration-free and the cushioned door closing system ensures you do not disturb your remaining collection. The interior environments of all wine climate cabinets have been constructed with materials designed to have no effect on aroma or taste. Even the internal air passes through activated charcoal filters. With two independently controlled climate zones, you can always enjoy your wine at the right temperature. The 200 series of wine cabinets store up to 80 bottles on solid untreated beechwood and aluminium bottle trays.

As official Gaggenau partners, our designers can guide you through the journey to find the perfect tailored appliances to suit your kitchen design aesthetics and cooking needs. Contact an Extreme studio to discuss your project with a designer.