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Industrial design has been a growing interiors trend that has revolutionised everything from office spaces to restaurants, retail shops to domestic settings. Both elegant and brash, an industrial kitchen allows you to make the most efficient use of available space while allowing plenty of room to inject personality and finesse.

Characterised by earthy, hands-on materials such as wood, brick and metal, the industrial look is perfect for the most hands-on room in the house – the kitchen. Effective in both large and small spaces, the industrial style kitchen celebrates the bare bones of the room. Exposed brickwork, visible ventilation and brazen concrete make the foundations of the room its focal points and provide clean-cut functionality. Industrial schemes also offer great diversity, allowing

you to create a space that is both efficient and to your taste – a perfect marriage of practicality and personality!

Let us guide you through the defining components of the industrial look and explore some ideas that can help you create your own industry-inspired kitchen.

Industrial Kitchen 2

Colour choice

As the industrial kitchen prides itself on its stripped back aesthetic, the use of colour becomes even more important. Utilitarian features such as exposed wooden beams, metal ventilation and stone surfaces can be set-off beautifully against opposite colour schemes.

Dark grey and black tones are the most popular as they combine the steely sleekness of the industrial style while maintaining contemporary refinement. If you are looking to inject some bold colours to counteract the austere greys and blacks, pastel colours offer a great alternative. Colourful accessories and fabrics also allow you to incorporate quirkiness into your kitchen while still maintaining a balanced and consistent look.

Practical storage space

One of the greatest benefits of having an industrial kitchen is the abundance of efficient storage space. Industrial spaces are first and foremost working spaces, so they naturally lend themselves to practicality.

One distinctive component of industrial kitchens is to display utensils, crockery and cutlery on open shelves. While this may seem too utilitarian for some, when implemented properly and kept organised, shelves of glistening metal and verdant herbs can look really striking and add to that lived-in feel. Floating shelves in distressed wood or stainless steel provide the necessary contrast while hanging rails and magnetic wall strips will make optimum use of space to avoid clutter.

Industrial Kitchen sink

Natural and artificial lighting

Taking their influence from the suspended lighting of factories and warehouses, pendant lighting is the perfect way to illuminate an industrial kitchen. Consider lampshades made from antiquated metals such as brass and copper or even opt for oversized, filament light bulbs to truly create that factory feel. String lighting is also a great addition and can look incredible hanging over a kitchen island or dining table. Remember not to neglect natural light as it can be used to great effect to accentuate the textures of bare brick or white tiled walls.

Industrial Kitchen 3

Kitchen walls and floors

As discussed above, the classic industrial look involves stripping back the walls to their bare bricks. The soft texture of the brickwork adds warmth to offset the metal and concrete while its terracotta hue complements traditional grey and black tones.

Another popular style choice that maintains the industrial motif is tiling. Particularly effective in white, kitchen tiles will create a clean yet classic look that evokes the old-world charm of tube stations. Experiment with tile patterns to match your particular taste; popular options include the classic crosshatch and herringbone patterns. Make sure you choose the perfect flooring for you with our helpful flooring guide.

Kitchen accessories and finishing touches

Industrial Kitchen handle

Accessories with a metallic finish are the key to achieving a great industrial kitchen. As well as exposed pipework, visible iron beams and stainless steel extractions fans, incorporating accessories with a varnished metallic finish will truly tie the room together. Often overlooked details such as kitchen cabinet and drawer handles are a great way to add a dash of copper or brass to grab the eye of visitors.

There are also many ways to add character to your walls. Opt for a large, factory style clock or historical black and white prints of your local area. Upcycling is a key and incredibly gratifying aspect of this trend, especially if you want to create a kitchen that is uniquely yours. Visit salvage yards and second-hand shops to find quirky items such as stools and benches. These items are perfect for repurposing and can be a cheap but effective way to give your industrial kitchen a stamp of individuality. Remember, you are only limited by your imagination!

Here at Extreme Design, our experienced designers will collaborate with you to create the industrial kitchen of your dreams. Visit one of our studios or contact us today and discover a kitchen that is perfect for you.