In this article, Extreme’s Creative Director, Marcello Cuconato shares the 6 features of a super-prime property.

What is a super-prime property?

Many attributes, including location and specification, characterise super-prime homes. Although there’s no set definition, super-prime homes are in the top 5% of the market, often with a price point starting from £10m in the UK.

Super-prime properties share the following 6 key features.

1. Prestigious Locations

Location is the top characteristic of a super-prime property. In London, these locations encompass the golden postcodes such as Belgravia, Mayfair, Knightsbridge and the Royal Boroughs of Kensington and Chelsea and expand to areas such as Marylebone, Bayswater and Regent’s Park. Our discerning clients favour these areas as areas of rich heritage and with excellent proximity to the finest restaurants, luxury shopping and excellent transport connections.

Outside of London, super-prime properties are detached homes offering expansive indoor and outdoor space in country settings and often within gated communities. The Home Counties are among the most attractive locations for super-prime buyers such as Wentworth, Oxshott, Surrey and Buckinghamshire.

Super-prime property in Surrey
Super-prime home by Octagon Developments, featuring kitchen by Extreme Design.

2. Legacy-Making Architecture

Super-prime homes are architectural masterpieces, whether ultra-modern or timeless classical in design. A super-prime home becomes a feature of the local architecture, a symbol of design, and a legacy that will remain for many decades. Super-prime properties push the boundaries in architecture, interior design and furniture design to create a genuinely one-off home to treasure for many years.

3. World-Leading Design

Design must always reflect the property, its architectural style, location and history, and super-prime homes are no different. When designing a £50m home in Belgravia, or a £30m mansion in Surrey, it’s simply not an option to specify an off-the-shelf kitchen or install modular furniture. Every element of the home must reflect the property’s iconic architecture and celebrate its prestigious postcode.

Super-prime property is about the exceptional: world-class design, the very best luxury amenities, and the finest materials. Design at this level is all about going beyond bespoke to create something entirely original and unique. UHNW clients are often well travelled, experiencing the finest hotels and fashions worldwide, and wish for their homes to reflect this.

super prime property with award winning kitchen
Multi-award-winning kitchen by Extreme Design.

4. The Finest Luxury Living Amenities

Whereas a home typically encompasses kitchen and living spaces, bedrooms, and bathrooms, a super-prime property can include a bar, home office, library, wine room, gym, swimming pool, cinema, staff accommodation and dedicated outbuildings. Representing the finest in luxury living, super-prime homes often boast amenities found in the most luxurious hotels.

super prime property with indoor pool and luxury kitchen
Octagon Developments home featuring an indoor pool and kitchen by Extreme Design.

5. Collaboration Between Specialists

Partnerships and collaborations are important for any successful project; however, this becomes even more essential for super-prime properties due to the scale and complexity. Pushing design boundaries involves exploring new ideas, embracing all design possibilities and sourcing new materials, which can present many challenges. By bringing together the minds of multiple specialists, we can confidently explore new territories for the client, knowing that the execution will meet the required standards.

At Extreme, we rarely work with a trade partner once; our first project is usually the start of an ongoing relationship and collaboration on future projects. We have worked with many of our trade partner developers and interior designers for several years, some for over two decades.

super prime home with kitchen by Extreme Design and Sophie Paterson Interiors
Extreme kitchen designed in collaboration with Sophie Paterson Interiors.

6. Discretion & Privacy

Discretion and super-prime properties are inextricably linked. Most people value privacy; however, for celebrity clients with a public image or ultra-wealthy individuals, the need for discretion is even greater. Privacy features are common in super-prime homes, from the latest security technology to hidden rooms. Discretion is also relevant for designers of super-prime homes to protect a client’s privacy.

Extreme is a multi-award-winning, independent design brand specialising in kitchens and furniture for super-prime homes. Extreme carries out residential projects for private clients and collaboratively with developers and interior designers.

If you are seeking a designer with a proven portfolio in super-prime design, contact an Extreme studio to speak with a designer.