Luxury kitchens

You are invited to the Extreme Sale.

Discover Extreme’s unique approach to design and how it can help you to create a home that is uniquely yours.

Along with our promise to provide exceptional value, you can enjoy notable subsidies on custom-made kitchen commissions until the 17th February 2017. If you also require integrated furniture for the bedroom, study or living area you can enjoy further subsidies during this event.

Our priority is always to provide you with a design that is unique and tailored to you. To achieve this we collaborate closely with you, ensuring that we allow the right amount of time to develop your design and give you the space to review and consider without pressure. Commission Extreme before the 17th February 2017 and you can benefit from the sale subsidy for one month from the date of commissioning, giving you the space and time to ensure that you are completely comfortable with every aspect of your kitchen, bedroom or study design.

Contact our designers to arrange a time to discuss your project.